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  1. Anxiety support that actually works
  2. Built by clinical psychologists and rooted in the latest evidence, Cerina gives you all the benefits of face-to-face CBT, without the long waiting times, high fees or inconvenient appointment times.

  3. The support you need, when you need it
  4. We’re here for you 24/7. Access CBT therapy tools, breathing exercises, AI-powered chat support, podcasts and so much more - all in one easy-to-use app.

  5. A personalised journey for lasting change
  6. With self-guided therapy sessions tailored to your needs, Cerina gives you back the power to manage your symptoms and transform your mental health.

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NICE has recommended Cerina

We are pleased to be featured in the recent NICE early value assessment of 'Digitally enabled therapies for adults with anxiety disorders'

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Our mission at Cerina is to combine psychological expertise and cutting-edge technology to bring effective and affordable digital mental health support to all who need it.


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We believe therapy should be universally accessible.


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We protect your privacy and don’t collect unnecessary data.


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Certified, evidence-based treatment, tailored to your needs.

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Hear from the people already benefiting from Cerina.
I had the support and I felt that I had the answers and it just felt it was a really good tool to help me process and cope with things
I didn't have to search through the app to go right where can I get help.It was instantly there when you open it up....
Since I started using Cerina my anxiety has drastically improved
Encouraging, inspiring, self-empowering mindfulness techniques combined with therapy

"Overall, I found it a comprehensive treatment plan, with good flow between sessions and information presented accessibly.

I really liked the app's interface: colours, design, output etc. I think it is great that you provide such quick access to the crisis line and that you signpost to other services or sources of support, including articles and podcasts. I think it is very helpful that users can quickly access tools to manage anxiety (e.g., breathing exercise) but also tools introduced in precious sessions. Very useful that people are reminded of pending actions and can choose to receive additional reminders so that they can complete their actions. Loved the variety in how information is presented or captured: the how you are feeling today roulette, options to write in, videos, possibility to listen rather than read, before and after comparisons, charts etc.

I was also very positively surprised by hedgie, I found it to be very responsive - in fact better that many chat bots I have come across before!"

- Zeny Melissourgaki
Clinical Psychologist

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Help your community thrive with evidence-based mental health care. We offer bespoke solutions for Businesses and Universities.

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